Maintaining Your Chamber

Maintaining Your Chamber

A question often asked by our Customers is how to maintain their chamber, this blog, Maintaining Your Chamber will assist you with day to day maintenance in order to get optimal operation and minimise downtime. The answers are available in the chambers operating manual of course but we’ll give you the main points here. However, […]

Chamber Mapping & Qualification

chamber mapping & qualification

Chamber Mapping & Qualification Each market’s regulatory authority e.g., the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) in America, the HPRA (Health Products Regulatory Authority) in Ireland mandates the validation of environmental conditions that can affect the strength, identity, safety, quality, and purity of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, or biologics.  To meet these requirements for temperature and humidity, […]

Laboratory Oven for Kinetic Labs

Laboratory Oven for Kinetic Labs

In this blog we talk about how DACTEC & Vötsch Technik sponsored a laboratory oven for Kinetic Labs. Kinetic Labs is a recently opened science innovation centre in Waterford City within walking distance of Waterford Institute of Technology, Pharmaceutical & Molecular Biotechnology Research Centre and the local IDA, Enterprise Ireland and South East Business & […]

The Art of Remote Service Support

The Art of Remote Service

Since the advent of Covid-19 Corona Virus and especially the new variants, visits to Customer’s sites have become more problematic. In this blog, The Art of Remote Service Support, we discuss the impact of Covid-19 on how we provide service support to our customers. It has always been possible to help Customers and their contractors […]

15 Lesser Known Advantages of Buying Weiss & Votsch Chambers

Votsch and Weiss consolidation in Ireland

In this blog we discuss 15 lesser known advantages of buying Weiss & Votsch chambers. This is beause many people think that a chamber is a chamber and that all chamber manufacturers are much the same, some more pricey than others. Although Weiss and Votsch Technik chambers are not the cheapest there are many reasons […]

Stability Testing – An Overview

Stability testing seminar

Stability Testing – An Overview Introduction: To prove the shelf life of a drug in a certain market, the manufacturer must store it at a relevant temperature and humidity for a specified time. This is done in a stability chamber also known as a stability cabinet. Each market’s regulatory authority e.g., the FDA in America, […]

The Weiss & Votsch Green Mode

green mode energy saving

Most testing labs want to use as little electricity as possible while still achieving great test specifications. In this blog we explain how the Weiss & Votsch Green Mode helps to save energy. Votsch and Weiss chambers have always consumed less power than their competitor’s machines but in recent years power consumption has become more critical. To this […]


Covid-19 policy

DACTEC’s Covid-19 support policy: When the situation worsened with the new variants, we like many were working from home. Now that the situation has improved, we have resumed normal visits to our Customer’s sites, albeit with the usual precautions and will continue to do so as long as the numbers remain reasonable. Many issues can […]

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