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Why a Preventative Maintenance Contract is So Important?

Service engineer doing a preventative maintenance contract on a product test chamber

Why a Preventative Maintenance Contract is So Important? In this blog Why a Preventative Maintenance Contract is So Important? we cover the essentials of a PM contract and why it is so important for you in order to have your equipment performing optimally and therefore preventing downtime. A PM Contract should live up to its […]

What is Qualification in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

What is Qualification in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

What is qualification in the pharmaceutical industry? Qualification, of stability chambers to ICH guidelines is usually only required in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices industries and includes an IQOQPQ or IPV. What is an IQOQPQ? IQOQPQ stands for Installation Qualification, Operation Qualification, Performance Qualification. During installation of a stability chamber an IQOQPQ is often performed. […]

Walk-In or Reach-In Chamber?

What to choose, a Walk-in or Reach-In Chamber

Which should I buy, a Walk-In or Reach-In Chamber? This is a question that sometimes comes from Pharma Customers but is also relevant for Plant Growth Chambers. The names of these chambers tell you the difference and the points below will add detail. Let’s deal with it as pros and cons. Walk-In Pros Size is […]

Calibration Equipment. What to Use and How to Get Them Calibrated

calibration equipment

In this blog we cover what type of sensor is needed to calibrate your chamber and what’s involved in getting these sensors calibrated. Temperature Calibrations – What to Use for your Calibration Equipment The better sensor type is a Pt100, however they can be bulky, expensive, easily damaged and they have a limited range. Bespite […]

Maintaining Your Chamber

Engineer working on a chamber

A question often asked by our Customers is how to maintain their chamber, this blog, ‘Maintaining Your Chamber’ will assist you with day to day maintenance in order to get optimal operation and minimise downtime. The answers are available in the chambers operating manual of course but we’ll give you the main points here. However, […]

Chamber Mapping & Qualification

chamber mapping & qualification

Introduction In Chamber Mapping and Qualification we describe how mapping is used in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Industries and the mapping service DACTEC provides. Each market’s regulatory authority e.g., the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) in America, the HPRA (Health Products Regulatory Authority) in Ireland mandates the validation of environmental conditions that can affect […]

Laboratory Oven for Kinetic Labs

Laboratory Oven for Kinetic Labs

In this blog we talk about how DACTEC and Vötsch Technik (now Weiss Technik since 2021), sponsored a laboratory oven for Kinetic Labs. About Kinetic Labs Kinetic Labs is a recently opened science innovation centre in Waterford City within walking distance of Waterford Institute of Technology, Pharmaceutical & Molecular Biotechnology Research Centre and the local […]

IP Testing

Weiss Technik Splash IP Testing Chambers by Weiss Technik

Introduction What is IP Testing? IP testing means Ingress Protection Testing and refers to the tests performed on a product to ensure that neither particulate matter nor moisture get inside the product, as that could impair its performance. There are two numbers in the IP rating, a product will be marketed under, for example IP69. […]

The Art of Remote Service Support

The Art of Remote Service

Since the advent of Covid-19 Corona Virus and especially the new variants, visits to Customer’s sites have become more problematic. In this blog, The Art of Remote Service Support, we discuss the impact of Covid-19 on how we provide service support to our customers. Click here for DACTEC’s Covid 19 Support policy. It has always […]

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