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Chambers for Lithium-Ion Battery Testing

Lithium- ion Battery Testing Chambers from weiss Technik and supplied by DACTEC in Ireland


In this blog post, ‘Chambers for Lithium-Ion Battery Testing’ we will discuss the challenges associated with testing lithium-ion batteries or products containing these batteries under different temperature and humidity conditions. To address these challenges, Weiss offers superior chambers specifically designed for this purpose. With a focus on safety, Weiss ensures that their chambers are equipped with tailored safety features to protect personnel, laboratory areas, and the chambers themselves. As part of the safety assessment process, a comprehensive questionnaire is used to evaluate risks, and Weiss determines the appropriate risk level, known as the EUCAR Hazard Level. Let’s explore the safety features and capabilities of these chambers.

Tailored Safety Features for Lithium-Ion Battery Testing

To ensure the safe testing of Li-ion batteries, Weiss designs their chambers with a range of safety features customized to meet the specific requirements of your applications. The size and capabilities of the basic chamber are calculated, and the necessary safety features are incorporated to facilitate secure testing procedures. Here are some of the safety features that Weiss can choose from and fit to their chambers:

  1. Status display with signal lamp and horn: Provides clear indications of the chamber’s operating status.
  2. Electric door lock: Ensures secure closure and controlled access to the chamber.
  3. Reversible pressure relief flap: Enables pressure release in case of emergencies.
  4. Two toggles’ fasteners at the test space door: Enhances the integrity of the door closure.
  5. Ports with brackets for plug retainment: Securely holds plugs in place during testing.
  6. Particle barrier for door window: Prevents the entry of particles into the chamber.
  7. Fire detection by temperature measurement: Monitors temperature changes to detect potential fire hazards.
  8. Fire detection by Carbon Monoxide (CO) measurement: Detects the presence of CO, a byproduct of fires.
  9. Nitrogen purging device in case of fire: Safely purges nitrogen to suppress fires.
  10. CO₂ purging in case of fire: Utilizes CO₂ to extinguish fires.
  11. Permanent Nitrogen inertization: Maintains a nitrogen-rich environment to prevent fire hazards.
  12. O₂ measuring unit: Monitors oxygen levels to ensure safety during testing.
  13. Pressure-resistant inner container: Enhances the chamber’s structural integrity and containment.
  14. Burst disk: Provides a pressure relief mechanism to safeguard against excessive pressure build-up.

Below is a diagram that gives a rough idea of the EUCAR Hazard levels versus some of the safety features employed.

EUCAR Hazard Levels used for assessing Chambers for Lithium-Ion Battery Testing

Finding the Suitable Chamber with Local Support For Lithium-Ion Battery Testing

If you require testing for Li-ion batteries or products incorporating these batteries, please reach out to us via email. We will assist you in finding the most suitable and safest chamber for your specific applications. We understand the importance of local support, and we will ensure that you receive the necessary guidance and assistance throughout the process.


In conclusion, testing Li-ion batteries or products containing them involves unique challenges, especially regarding safety. Weiss addresses these challenges with their exceptional chambers designed specifically for this purpose. By incorporating tailored safety features and conducting a comprehensive risk assessment, Weiss ensures that your testing procedures are conducted safely and efficiently. Contact us today, and let us help you find the ideal chamber with local support to meet your specific needs.

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