Frequently Asked Questions

You may find some useful information in our FAQ’s.

What countries does DACTEC sell to and support?

We sell and support Weiss Technik on the island of Ireland only.

Click here to see Weiss Technik locations worldwide.

I know what I need to test but what type of chamber do I need?

Do you need HUMIDITY for your test? Does the temperature need to be RAMPED? What SIZE will you need i.e. what dimensions is your test sample?
For help with this question see our blog Choosing a Weiss chamber.

How much does a chamber cost?

There’s such a wide range of Weiss chambers available for many different applications and with a large number of options available, we would need to discuss which chamber best suits your needs in order to give you a price. See above and/or contact us

How quickly can I get a chamber?

The most popular standard chambers are kept in stock in Germany and take approximately 4 weeks from the date we receive a PO; including shipping, see the list of stock chambers here.
If the chamber you require is not standard or in not stock, it will have to made for you and depending on the configuration, manufacturing will take a minimum of 5 weeks plus approximately 2 weeks shipping.

Do you rent chambers

Weiss maintain a stock of the most popular standard chambers for rent or rent to buy, click here to see the current available stock list.

For more information see our blog Rent a temperature test chamber or rent to buy

Do you sell second hand chambers?

No……we do not sell second hand chambers.

What type of Services do you provide?

Full Dublin based service support, including fast repairs. We are certified for refrigeration and carry a large stock of spare parts in Dublin. We also offer traceable calibration and training.

We have 3 types of Service contracts available, click here for more information. Phone support 24/7/365.

What other services does DACTEC provide?

We offer full IQOQPQs, IPVs, calibrations, validation and documentation, traceable to national standards. We provide calibration and training during installation of your chamber. We can also offer you additional training if required.

For more information click here. We can also disposal of any chamber we replace.

I have an error message on my chamber. What do I do?

In the operator’s manual; (towards the back), there is a list of errors.

If this does not answer your question either call Dave +353 (0)87 2370674; 24/7/365 or email us. Contact us

My chamber has stopped. What do I do?

Check for error messages on the chamber display. If you have an error message, quit the error and restart the chamber.

If you still have problems check the operator’s manual; (towards the back), there is a list of errors.

If this does not answer your question you can call Dave 24/7/365; +353 (0)87 2370674 and/or email Contact us

What do I need to do to get ready for chamber installation?

Check for services required in the Technical Offer Text supplied when you were quoted for the chamber.

Also see our blog; Installation Requirements for your new Chamber.

Are the refrigerant gases you use environmentally friendly?

Yes……for applications down to -40⁰C we use R449A, Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1397 and for applications down to -70⁰C the award winning R469A (WT69) GWP 1357 is available in an increasing number of chambers. This means that in many chambers an annual leak test may not be mandatory.

See our blog on R469A (WT69); The new WT69 refrigerant replaces R23.

What are your opening hours?

Our office is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday to assist with queries, service and sales support; +353 (0)1 2589816.

If you have a Service query you can call Dave 24/7/365; +353 (0)87 2370674.

For Sales queries call Dave +353 (0)87 2370674 or Cara +353 (0)87 2317883 and/or email; Contact us.

If you can’t find an answer to your question either call Dave 087 2370674 or Cara 087 2317883 or email us.