At DACTEC, we cater to all your service needs, handling everything from sales and invoicing of spare parts and consumables to contracts, validation, and call-outs.

Service Agreements

Choose from our three flexible service agreements:

  • Pay Per Visit
  • Pay Per Visit Essential
  • Full Cover

Contract holders enjoy discounted rates on additional labour during the contract period.

IQOQ, IPV’s, Calibration and Validation

Our comprehensive IQOQs, IPVs, calibrations, and validations are meticulously documented and executed with calibrated standards traceable to national standards, typically NSAI.

We utilize TQSoft logging software from TQSolutions, ensuring compliance with 21 CFR part 11.

Spare Parts and Consumables

We maintain an extensive inventory of spare parts and offer express shipping from Germany via express service.

Our stock includes essential spare parts such as heaters, motors, sensors, and consumables like wet socks, Aquatop, and oils.

For spare parts or consumables, contact Dave at 087-2370674 or our office at 01-2859816.

Alternatively, reach out via email using our contact form, and we’ll respond promptly.

Spare Parts Kit

Are you equipped with a Spare Parts Kit? You might wonder why it’s important, but it all boils down to minimising unnecessary downtime for your chamber or oven.

Maintaining a stock of spare parts, particularly those prone to wear and tear, offers significant benefits. In the event of a breakdown, having these parts readily available enables you to replace them swiftly, aided by our round-the-clock phone assistance. This effectively reduces downtime.

Moreover, should professional installation be required, having the part readily available ensures a prompt resolution without the need to wait for lengthy order lead times, especially considering the current global shortages.

To mitigate the risk of extended downtime during breakdowns, we strongly advise keeping essential spare parts in stock. We can provide you with a tailored spare parts list specific to your individual chamber or oven.

Feel free to reach out to us for further information. We’re here to assist you. Contact Dave at 087-2370674 or our office at 01-2859816.

Alternatively, reach out via email using our contact form, and we’ll respond promptly.


All our installations come with comprehensive training, calibration, and a 12-month warranty.

Retraining is available upon request at any time.


We prioritise rapid response times and provide 24/7/365 phone assistance, including, out-of-office hours, and if necessary onsite service visits when needed.

In circumstances like travel restrictions, e.g., a pandemic, we offer remote services. Click here for more information on our remote service.

Maintaining Your Chamber

Proper day-to-day maintenance is crucial for optimal chamber operation and minimising downtime.

While detailed instructions can be found in your chamber’s manual, we’ve condensed the essential maintenance tips into our blog “Maintaining Your Chamber.” Click here to read.

More Information

Our team is trained by Weiss Technik and holds qualifications in electronics, refrigeration, and calibration.

With over 30 years of experience in working with this equipment and over 20 years specialising in refrigeration repairs, we possess all the necessary equipment and certifications for refrigeration leak testing and repair.

We adhere to EU regulations for the disposal of refrigeration gases, ensuring responsible environmental practices.

As exclusive agents, we have access to the resources of the Weiss Service Department.

Contact us today at 087-2370674, 01-2859816 or via email using our contact form to discuss your servicing requirements.

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