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Why Our Customers Value Local Service


In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why our customers highly value local service when it comes to their Weiss Technik chambers and ovens.

We believe that the support provided by us, DACTEC, Weiss’s sole agent in Ireland, offers numerous benefits to customers, and we will delve into various scenarios to illustrate why local service is crucial.

The Cost of Ownership

Often, when purchasing a chamber or oven, customers primarily focus on its ability to meet their testing or processing requirements and the price. However, they may overlook the cost of ownership.

While it is frequently considered whether a machine consumes excessive electricity, although Weiss machines are very economical in that respect, the true lessons that can be hard-learned revolve around minimal downtime and the associated costs of restoring operations.

Scenarios to Illustrate Why Local Service is Crucial

Scenario 1 – Dealing with a Foreign Vendor

Let’s consider a scenario where a machine manufactured in a foreign country is installed on the Island of Ireland. Initially, the machine operates smoothly, but eventually, an issue arises.

The customer contacts the vendor for assistance, but there are delays in their response. Assuming language isn’t a barrier, the vendor attempts to diagnose the problem remotely. However, a crucial decision arises—should they send a part and risk the machine not getting back up and running, or should they dispatch a service engineer to Ireland for diagnosis?

If the customer is fortunate, they receive the necessary part, but if not, they face uncertainty regarding when the service engineer will arrive and whether they will bring sufficient parts to fix the issue. Additionally, if it involves refrigeration, there may be challenges transporting highly flammable gases, tools, and equipment across borders, especially considering the impact of Brexit.

The costs for the customer, including accommodation, food, fuel, and potential delays, can quickly escalate.

Scenario 2 – Leveraging Local Service

Now, let’s contrast the previous scenario with a situation involving a Weiss machine purchased and installed in Ireland. Suppose a fault occurs after extended use.

In this case, the customer reaches out to the Weiss Agent, DACTEC. The service engineer promptly responds, providing assistance via phone or email, ensuring round-the-clock phone support, every day of the year. DACTEC typically has the necessary part in stock, or if not, they can quickly source it from Germany.

Alternatively, they may have already convinced the customer to stock a small inventory of crucial spare parts. If the fault cannot be diagnosed remotely, or if the customer prefers not to work on it themselves, a highly experienced service engineer from Dublin is dispatched quickly. Armed with a wealth of spare parts, over 30 years of experience, and all the necessary tools, equipment, and gases, the service engineer strives to fix the issue as swiftly as possible.

Notably, the cost of this service does not include flights or ferry expenses, and the downtime for the customer is significantly minimised. Moreover, if required, the service engineer also recalibrates the machine after completing the repair.

The Value of Local Service

When considering the two scenarios, it becomes evident why our customers highly value local service. The second scenario, where customers benefit from DACTEC’s support, leads to happier customers. With prompt response times, a local service engineer with ample experience and resources, and minimised downtime and costs, customers find themselves in a far more favourable position.

As a result, an increasing number of customers are choosing to purchase from DACTEC for the first time, driven by previous unsatisfactory experiences with long waits and inadequate support. Once customers experience the benefits of local service for Weiss machines, they never look back.


In conclusion, local service support from DACTEC for Weiss Technik chambers and ovens in Ireland offers significant advantages to our customers. It ensures quick response times, a knowledgeable service engineer, readily available spare parts, and minimised downtime and costs.

With local service, our customers can confidently rely on the expertise and support they need, resulting in enhanced satisfaction and a smooth experience throughout the ownership of their Weiss machines.

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