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Walk-In or Reach-In Chamber?

What to choose, a Walk-in or Reach-In Chamber

Walk-In or Reach-In Chamber?

Which should I buy, a Walk-In or Reach-In Chamber? This is a question that sometimes comes from Pharmaceutical Customers but is also relevant for Plant Growth Chambers.

The names of these chambers tell you the difference and the points below will add detail.

Let’s deal with it as pros and cons.

Walk-In Weiss Technik walk-in climate chamber provided by DACTEC


  • Size is virtually unlimited so a lot of shelf space/samples can be accommodated
  • One qualification covers a lot of shelf space
  • Conditions tend to be more stable in walk-in chambers due to their volume


  • A faulty chamber causes issues for a lot of samples
  • They are immovable. Although Weiss Technik can provide crane lifting supports for some walk-in chambers
  • Installation often requires building, electronic and refrigeration skills
  • The compressor adds to the foot print or will be remote, therefore adding cost
  • Extra probes are required for qualification
  • Spare parts may be particular to a special build
  • They often require 3 phase power and extra water supplies
  • Operator time spent inside may be limited for safety reasons
  • Isle space is a necessary waste of footprint

Reach-In Climate Chambers ClimeEvent by Weiss Technik


  • Can be easily delivered in one piece
  • The foot print is tiny
  • Can be moved easily, our PharmaEvents come on castors as standard
  • If a reach-in chamber goes faulty samples can often be accommodated in another reach-in chamber
  • As the refrigeration system is smaller the chamber service is easier, faster and cheaper
  • As they are an ‘off the shelf’ or ‘serial’ product, spare parts are usually in stock
  • They are single phase powered
  • They have no isle space
  • Lighting is unnecessary
  • They are often available from stock for an urgent sale or for rent


  • Size is usually limited to 2000 Litres
  • Each unit must be separately qualified
  • Conditions are slightly less stable than walk-in chambers but are still a multiple of times better than ICH limits for stability testing


So……there are the pros and cons as we see it, of one versus the other. We hope you have found this information useful and that it will help you decide which is the best option for you, a Walk-In or Reach-In Chamber. Of course, it can also depend on budget, space and long-term plans but if you would like to discuss it further or have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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