Since the situation worsened with the new variant, we like many are working from home.

Many issues can be solved remotely by phone or email and we are available, as usual, free of charge, 24/7/365 by phone to either

Mob: 087 237 0674 or Office: 01 285 9816.

We can of course get parts out to you as before. We have most parts in stock in Dublin and the rest can ship from Germany. You can usually have those from Germany in approx. 10 days but if you need them urgently, we can use TNT Express which is usually 24 hours.

As restrictions lift, we will be able to get out to you easier so let’s hope that happens soon.

As for sales we are available by email, phone, Skype, etc as normal. For the moment visits are a little problematic.

Keep safe. Dave & Cara Toner.

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