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15 Lesser Known Advantages of Buying Weiss Chambers

Advantages of buying Weiss Chambers


In this blog, we discuss 15 lesser known advantages of buying Weiss chambers and ovens that you may not have known about. This is because many people think that a chamber is a chamber and that all chamber manufacturers are much the same, some more pricey than others.

Although Weiss Technik chambers are not the cheapest there are many reasons for this, reasons that make them cheaper in the long run in many respects.

If you haven’t heard about Weiss click here to see 15 reasons people are already buying Weiss chambers and ovens from DACTEC.
Weiss Green Mode

1. Green Mode

This can reduce your power consumption considerably by using high efficiency motors and refrigeration systems.

Also, by cleverly switching off heaters and compressors when not needed, extra energy is saved. See our blog on the Weiss Green Mode here.

2. Economic Refrigeration Design

Compressor horsepower isn’t quoted in brochures and technical specs, Weiss get much more power from their compressors due to innovative refrigerant circuit design including cutting edge software control.

Heat on, cooling off and vice versa. Competitors leave cooling on, and add heat. This wastes power and causes icing up.

Award winning refrigerant gas WT69/R469A

3. Low Global Warming Potential Refrigerant Gases

R449A instead of R404A and instead of R23, Weiss’s innovative and award-winning new gas R469A.

Both with GWPs of less than 1,400.

See the FGas regulations and what it means for our customers.

See more about the award winning new gas from Weiss Technik, WT69/R469A.

4. Low Energy Loss

Thick insulation around the test space reduces energy loss.

5. Greater Reliability

Our Customers experience very little down time.

15 lesser known advantages of buying Weiss & Votsch chambers6. Longevity

Weiss chambers last for up to 20 years or more and can be supported as long as necessary.

It’s probably been a while since you’ve seen some of these chambers!

And yet lots of chambers like these are still out there running well.

7. Superior Homogeneity

Studies have shown there are only tiny temperature and humidity differences throughout the test spaces, much better than the specs quoted.

Also, we see great stability in time.

Weiss & Votsch innovative design8. Innovative Design

They have many unique features, for example the self-cleaning wet sock humidity sensor.

9. Local Support

We are based in Dublin, so no need to wait for engineers to come from overseas.

We stock many spare parts and other parts can be obtained fast from Germany using an express service.

Click here to see more about DACTEC’s Service Support and here to see our Testimonials.

10. Reputation

Weiss chambers are renowned world wide and are synonymous with quality and precision.

15 lesser known advantages of buying Weiss & Votsch chambers 15 lesser known advantages of buying Weiss & Votsch chambers

11. Continual Improvement

Weiss are always improving their design, meaning you get the cutting edge in test chambers when you buy one.

12. Many Options

A vast range of options are available for all the chambers.

15 lesser known advantages of buying Weiss & Votsch chambers13. Customisable

Standard designs can be modified to suit your applications.

14. Bespoke Builds

Creating designs particular to Customer’s requirements is so common a full factory is dedicated to it.

15. Standard Chambers

Weiss now maintain a stock of the most popular chambers for an urgent sale or for rent. Click here to learn more about stock chambers for rent or a fast sale.

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