Testimonials from Our Valued Customers

At DACTEC, we take pride in the support we provide to our customers for their Weiss Technik chambers and ovens, and we are grateful for the testimonials we have received over the years.

These testimonials come from Customer Feedback Surveys as well as spontaneous feedback through email, phone calls, and personal contact. We appreciate the time our customers have taken to share their experiences with us.

To make it easier for you to find relevant testimonials, we have categorised them by industry sectors and location, starting with larger companies down to smaller companies.


Pharmaceutical Companies – Dublin

“Hi Dave, Thank you for the quick response this morning to solve the issue we were having with the Votsch Chamber. We really appreciate your effort to help us out at such short notice.”

“We buy Votsch because of Dave.”

“Many thanks for the detailed reply and continued support, it’s much appreciated.”

“We have always found DACTEC a very reliable vendor. They understand clearly the needs of the QC lab and have been able to provide equipment that meets these needs at a competitive price. Annual maintenance is carried out thoroughly and on time. Any unscheduled repairs/maintenance that is required is always facilitated with a very fast response time. DACTEC demonstrates an excellent technical knowledge of the instruments.”

“In reply to your query about why we buy Votsch Chambers, the reasons are simple: local reliable service and performance. We have been a customer for over 10 years and will buy again on the basis that you supply a reliable local service that can be onsite quickly when needed. We have been very happy with the service you have supplied over the years, particularly since you started Dactec, and have kept chambers running under difficult working conditions.”

“We had a long working relationship with Dave Toner (when he worked with another organisation). We knew the standard of his work was excellent and that once there were clear instructions on what we wanted in the line of the cabinet itself, its qualification and maintenance, Dave would ensure follow-through and that we were in line with current industry and GMP standards with our documentation. So, I suppose you could say Dave’s knowledge of the equipment and requirements was the first factor. Dactec was in a position to provide the cabinet (which met the requirements of our URS) in what was seen at the time as a reasonable timeframe. The project plan proposed was thorough and timely with the qualification documentation provided as part of the overall package. Obviously, cost was a factor. Dactec was not the cheapest. However, it was felt that the experience and follow-up that would be provided would outweigh the initial extra outlay.”

“With regard to service: Always happy with the standard of work & follow-up service.”

“We have had Votsch here for around the last 10 years. They have been relatively reliable, and generally, when we are replacing something here, we stick with the same if they haven’t given us any major problems.”

“Hi Dave, I know I have not been the point of contact with you on this but want to extend the gratitude for your support all week, even though you have been tied up with other customers, and really appreciate you going out of your way to come to site on Monday, even though you are due to be on annual leave. I fully understand that all customer calls are a priority, especially for breakdowns, but your continued site support for equipment at our site is duly recognized by the QC management and lab operations team.”

“What is your opinion of DACTEC Ltd? Knowledgeable in equipment and reliable service provided.”

“Thanks for fixing that so quickly, Dave. We appreciate it.”


Pharmaceutical Companies – Cork

“We are very happy with the service that is provided. The service provided to us from DACTEC is excellent. Dave will leave no stone unturned until an issue is resolved, and that is very reassuring for us. The level of service that we receive is excellent. Dave is always available for support/advice, and the response time is excellent. As a vendor, DACTEC is second to none in this regard. The quality of the service received is the main reason we continually do business.”

“Thanks again, Dave, for your help. Great to get this kind of help at the end of the phone.”

“Every time the new *******s give trouble I say ‘should have bought from Dave.”

“Just wanted to say many thanks for the support you provided when I received a call at home on a Saturday evening from our engineers following an alarm on one of our stability humidity chambers. Your advice and suggested fix meant I didn’t have to go onsite. It also allowed us to sort the issue without too much hassle.”

“The best cabinet purchased to date is the VP1300, it is less awkward (no motor protruding out the back), sits well/neat in the room, and has great storage capacity. I would imagine in the future if we are to purchase additional cabinets as our needs arise, we would select the VP1300 style of cabinet.”

“To be honest, they fulfilled all the URS requirements. More importantly, however, is the excellent service you provide. A competent engineer is worth their weight in gold.”

“DACTEC provides a good reliable service, the chamber has been performing better, to my knowledge, under DACTEC than it did under the Foss contract.”

“As regards the Service Engineer: Always available and very quick to respond to any questions. Goes above and beyond the service agreement.”

“You wouldn’t get a pizza that quick.” (Referring to our response time)

“It was very valuable to me to be able to talk to somebody who could tell me how to get the oven back working.”


Pharmaceutical Companies – Kerry

“The chambers have been running reliably for a great number of years. Overall, we are very pleased with the level of service provided and with the professionalism of the people we deal with. Service always available in a reasonable time frame. A very good knowledge of the instrument and any legislation pertaining to the instrument. Service pricing is competitive in a pretty tight market.”

“I am very happy with the Votsch chambers. They are a very reliable piece of equipment and are very robust. Dactec Ltd is a very professional company and is very knowledgeable and helpful. They know their equipment very well and are very pleasant to deal with.”

“We have had Votsch here for around the last 10 years. They have been relatively reliable, and generally, when we are replacing something here, we stick with the same if they haven’t given us any major problems.”


Electronics – Dublin

“We buy Votsch units primarily for the after-sales service along with the price. It’s less costly, less stressful & less time-consuming having a local agent come on site & perform maintenance than getting people from the UK to fly in at short notice.”

“Chambers – Good chambers with a good range of temperature and humidity.  Reliable with few problems. DACTEC Ltd – Good service, fast response to calls. Excellent knowledge of chambers. Easy to understand when training. Very nice to deal with on a one-to-one basis.”

“Thanks again – if only all our vendors were as efficient!”


Electronics – Northern Ireland

“For what it’s worth, my honest answers are below:

  • Votsch Chambers – as we have only one Votsch chamber within my remit (and it is still fairly new), my experience of them is quite limited. But for what it’s worth, we are happy with it. The chamber’s conditions appear to be controlled quite well and remain stable. In my opinion, the chamber is well-made, easy to use, and has proven to be reliable (so far), and so as a general summary, the chamber gets a positive vote from us.
  • Dactec Ltd – My experiences of Dactec Ltd are all good ones. Customer service has been first class, with all our queries & requests being promptly answered. Dactec Ltd has proven itself to be a trustworthy and reliable company. All commissioning problems were promptly dealt with, all agreed service requirements have been fully met, and all agreed dates kept. I have no concerns whatsoever with Dactec Ltd, and I am perfectly happy to work with them in the future.”

“I know you went out of your way quite a bit to help us out, and I just wanted to say a very big thank you – your time and effort were greatly appreciated.”


Electronics – Galway

“DACTEC is the only company based in Ireland that can service test chambers.”

“It’s always a pleasure working with you – I found our conversation and work today very interesting. It’s great to have a supplier like you, Dave. Thank you.”


Electronics – Limerick

“Easy machine layout to fault-find and work with, unless you are changing a compressor!

  • They are reliable high-quality systems
  • Meet our required specifications in terms of extreme temps, humidity, and ramp rates
  • There is good support locally for the systems.”

Medical Devices/Healthcare – Galway

“Votsch Chamber – For us, it’s ideal as we need a controlled storage environment for some of our samples and consumables, plus it is mobile and can be located anywhere there is space for it, which is important as facilities can change with time. It is low maintenance on us, and the unit we have has never given us a major issue in all the years we had it. Dactec Ltd – good support and service and flexible to our needs.”

“I picked Votsch based on familiarity with their chambers and principally because they are the most reliable in the market. In addition, I wanted to keep all chambers of the same make to have one contact to service and repair. We have had unfavourable experiences with other manufacturer’s chambers (in other departments) in the past in terms of reliability and support and ended up decommissioning them prematurely.”

“Enjoy a good working relationship with Dave. I find him very helpful.”


Research Facilities/Universities

“Good reliable service! and backup.”

“I don’t have any experience of any other chambers that would allow me to compare. What I can say is the Votsch is easy to use and meets all our needs. I have found DACTEC to be very helpful, competent and professional in all my dealings with them.”

“Thanks so much for looking into this and for all your help and advice to get back up and running.”



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