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IP Testing

Weiss Technik Splash IP Testing Chambers by Weiss Technik


What is IP Testing? IP testing means Ingress Protection Testing and refers to the tests performed on a product to ensure that neither particulate matter nor moisture get inside the product, as that could impair its performance.

There are two numbers in the IP rating, a product will be marketed under, for example IP69. The first number refers to dust or particulate matter. The second number refers to moisture. In both cases the higher the number the better the product is sealed against the ingress of these materials.

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Chart explaining ingress protection
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Our IP Test Chambers

Our Dust IP Test Chambers test for the first number IP4X and IP5X.

IP dust test chambers by Weiss Technik

Our Splash IP Test Chambers test for the second number IPX1 to 6 and with a special fitting IPX9K.

Weiss Technik Splash IP Testing Chambers by Weiss Technik

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Weiss Technik supply and fully support chambers for IP testing.

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