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Laboratory Oven for Kinetic Labs

Laboratory Oven for Kinetic Labs

In this blog we talk about how DACTEC and Vötsch Technik (now Weiss Technik since 2021), sponsored a laboratory oven for Kinetic Labs.

About Kinetic Labs

Kinetic Labs is a recently opened science innovation centre in Waterford City within walking distance of Waterford Institute of Technology, Pharmaceutical & Molecular Biotechnology Research Centre and the local IDA, Enterprise Ireland and South East Business & Innovation Centre offices. It is the first private laboratory facility incubator space for the life sciences sector in Ireland.
These rental labs are ideal for all types of science, technology and research-based enterprises, in order to have access to facilities and supports to start a new business or to grow an existing business.

Shared wet lab space is available with access to analytical laboratory equipment, fume hood extraction and compressed air supply systems, gas storage and fire rated solvent cabinets, non-recirculating air regimes and more.
There are also unfurnished lab spaces available to rent of varying sizes which can be fitted out as required.
As Kinetic Labs are part of the same building as WorkLAB Waterford, their office facilities, meeting rooms, reception desk and café are also available to rent at a discounted rate.

Being part of Kinetic Labs also gives access to industry expertise and business supports. This is so important, especially for new start-ups, to have access to advice at critical business milestones and to be able to connect with the resources and supports to succeed.

DACTEC & Vötsch Technik Sponsorship

When DACTEC heard about this great initiative we approached the Kinetic Labs Manager, Dr. John Breen about the possibility of sponsoring a piece of equipment for the shared laboratory space. Having discussed what equipment was needed and would be suitable, we decided that a Vötsch Laboratory Oven would be the best choice.

Laboratory Oven for Kinetic Labs
Photo by Colin Shanahan – DigiCol Photography

This laboratory oven was ideal for the shared laboratory space due to its’ compact size of 60 litres. It was designed as an easy replacement for the Heraeus series 6000 ovens which are no longer being manufactured. With high precision temperature control, from +50⁰C up to 300⁰C, allowing for reproducible and reliable results, these lab ovens offer great performance with a small footprint and due to their robust construction are also perfect for heavy duty industrial applications.

So ……. between sponsorship from Vötsch and DACTEC the laboratory oven for Kinetic Labs was installed by us just in time for the opening of Kinetic Labs in December 2020. We hope that the oven will contribute in some small way to some great innovations within the life sciences sector and help support entrepreneurs in the South East of Ireland to bring their ideas to fruition.

We would also like to wish Kinetic Labs all the best for their future success.

More Information

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