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Laboratory Oven for Kinetic Labs

Laboratory Oven for Kinetic Labs


In this blog, we delve into how DACTEC and Weiss Technik joined forces to sponsor a laboratory oven for Kinetic Labs in Waterford. This contribution is a testament to the power of collaboration and its potential to drive innovation in the field of life sciences. Let’s explore how this endeavour came to be.

How it All Began:

Great ideas often spring from unexpected sources, and this one is no exception. It all started with a routine LinkedIn scroll when a post from Kinetic Labs, a budding science innovation centre in Waterford City, caught our attention. Dr John Breen, the manager of Kinetic Labs, was seeking sponsors to equip their new laboratories.

Our Approach:

Eager to support this exciting initiative, we reached out to Dr John Breen to discuss the possibility of sponsoring equipment for Kinetic Labs. After thorough discussions on equipment requirements, we decided that the Vötschoven, from Weiss Technik, was the perfect fit for their shared laboratory space.

Meet the Vötschoven:

Laboratory Oven for Kinetic Labs
Photo by Colin Shanahan – DigiCol Photography

The Vötschoven, with its compact 60-liter size, was an ideal addition to the shared laboratory space. Designed as a replacement for the now-discontinued Heraeus series 6000 ovens, it offers precise temperature control ranging from +50⁰C up to 300⁰C. This precision allows for reproducible and reliable results, making it an excellent choice for research and industrial applications alike. With a small footprint and robust construction, it’s perfect for heavy-duty tasks. To learn more about available sizes and detailed information, click this link – Laboratory Oven

A Collaborative Effort:

Thanks to the combined support of Weiss Technik and DACTEC, the lab oven was installed just in time for the grand opening of Kinetic Labs in December 2020. We hope that this contribution has paved the way for groundbreaking innovations in the life sciences sector, empowering entrepreneurs in the South East of Ireland to turn their visions into reality.

Kinetic Labs at a Glance:

Situated within walking distance of Waterford Institute of Technology, Pharmaceutical & Molecular Biotechnology Research Centre, and local IDA, Enterprise Ireland, and South East Business & Innovation Centre offices, Kinetic Labs is Ireland’s first private laboratory facility incubator space for the life sciences sector. This government-supported not-for-profit organization provides rental wet laboratory space to high-potential start-ups and established companies. These well-equipped labs cater to various science, technology, and research-based enterprises, offering essential resources for both budding and established businesses.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Kinetic Labs provides shared wet lab spaces with access to essential amenities such as analytical laboratory equipment, fume hood extraction, compressed air supply systems, gas storage, fire-rated solvent cabinets, and non-recirculating air regimes. Additionally, unfurnished lab spaces of various sizes are available for customization as needed. The proximity to WorkLAB Waterford ensures access to office facilities, meeting rooms, reception desk services, and a café at a discounted rate.

Industry Expertise and Support:

Being a part of Kinetic Labs opens doors to industry expertise and valuable business support. This access is especially crucial for startups, as it provides guidance at critical business milestones and connects entrepreneurs with the resources needed to thrive.

The good news is that Sanofi, the global healthcare company who employ 800 people at their biopharma and medical device site in Waterford, are using 100-sq metres of lab space at Kinetic Labs.

Here’s Kinetic Labs 5 Reasons for Renting Lab Space Instead of Building Lab Space

For more information and inquiries, please email info@kineticlabs.ie.


The partnership between DACTEC and Weiss Technik and their generous sponsorship of the Vötschoven laboratory oven serves as an inspiring example of how collaboration can ignite innovation. Kinetic Labs, with its cutting-edge facilities and unwavering commitment to scientific advancement, is set to become a hub for groundbreaking discoveries in the life sciences sector. By supporting initiatives like this, we are not only fostering innovation but also empowering the next generation of scientists and entrepreneurs.

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