Stability Testing – An Overview

What is Qualification in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Introduction In Stability Testing – An Overview we look at stability testing requirements – chamber choice , validations requirements, IQOQPQ & IPV considerations. To prove the shelf life of a drug in a certain market, the manufacturer must store it at a relevant temperature and humidity for a specified time. This is done in a […]

Installation requirements for your new Chamber

installation requirements for your new chamber

Introduction You’ve just heard from the supplier that your new chamber is going to be delivered soon, so what are the most important steps you need to take in order to start using it as soon as possible after it arrives? What are the installation requirements for your new chamber? You may have decided already […]

The Weiss Green Mode

weiss green mode energy saving

Most testing labs want to use as little electricity as possible while still achieving great test specifications. In this blog we explain how the Weiss Green Mode helps to save energy. Weiss Technik chambers have always consumed less power than their competitor’s machines but in recent years power consumption has become more critical. To this end they […]


Covid-19 policy

DACTEC’s Covid-19 support policy: When the situation worsened with the new variants, we like many were working from home. Now that the situation has improved, we have resumed normal visits to our Customer’s sites, albeit with the usual precautions and will continue to do so as long as the numbers remain reasonable. Many issues can […]

The new WT69 (now R469A) refrigerant replaces R23

Weiss Technik Explorer

WT69 wins innovation award The New WT69 (now R469A) refrigerant replaces R23 and the jury of the German Innovation Award (GIA) has honoured WT69 / R469A twice: In the category chemical industry with the prize in gold on the 1st place and in the category energy solutions as “winner”. Since 1954, the German Design Council has […]

New! Chamber Configurator

chamber configurator

The new chamber configurator from Weiss Technik, steps you through the chamber types and their options helping you build your chamber. If you are looking for a standard, small to mid-sized or larger chamber, the configurator is very handy for getting an idea which chamber you need and is now tablet and smartphone friendly. Once you’re […]

Votsch and Weiss consolidation in Ireland

Votsch and Weiss consolidation in Ireland

What does this consolidation means for customers What does the Votsch and Weiss consolidation in Ireland mean for you? If you are a Votsch customer or a Weiss customer who will support you? Click here for information on the 2021 merger of Votsch and Weiss. Votsch and Weiss chambers are manufactured together in different locations […]

15 Reasons Customers Chose DACTEC Ltd To Service Their Chambers

15 Reasons Customers Chose DACTEC Ltd To Service Their Chambers

There are many reasons why you might choose one service provider over another but here are 15 reasons customers chose DACTEC Ltd to service their chambers and after reading this bolg we hope you will too. 1. We are based in Dublin, so we can get to any part of Ireland quickly, including Northern Ireland. 2. A […]

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