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15 Lesser Known Advantages of Buying Weiss & Votsch Chambers

15 lesser known advantages of buying Weiss & Votsch chambers

In this blog we discuss 15 lesser known advantages of buying Weiss & Votsch chambers. This is beause many people think that a chamber is a chamber and that all chamber manufacturers are much the same, some more pricey than others. Although Weiss and Votsch Technik chambers are not the cheapest there are many reasons […]

15 Reasons Customers Chose DACTEC Ltd To Service Their Chambers

DACTEC Service Engineer with his van

There are many reasons why you might choose one service provider over another but here are the reasons why you should choose DACTEC Ltd. 1. We are based in Dublin, so we can get to any part of Ireland quickly, including Northern Ireland. 2. A full PM service has many checks according to our standard procedure including […]

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