What does the Votsch and Weiss consolidation in Ireland mean for you? If you are a Votsch customer or a Weiss customer who will support you?

Votsch and Weiss chambers are manufactured together in different locations around the world. The main locations are of course in Germany. The designs and specifications of the two brands are the same and they are made by the same technicians. The only differences are the chamber type names, the brand names and their colours.

Votsch & Weiss consolidation in IrelandIt has been decided that although the two brands will remain, company consolidation will take place.

  • In the future, the new designs of chamber will have the same colour but the customer can decide whether to have Votsch or Weiss on the top of the door.
  • Those new designs will share the same chamber type names.
  • The Service Departments in Germany will all be called Weiss Umwelttechnik GmbH.
  • Agents around the world will be consolidated. In most cases one agent will sell both brands.

The case in Ireland is that from the beginning of 2017, DACTEC Ltd, based in Dublin, will be responsible for both Votsch and Weiss sales and support in Ireland, South and North.

We look forward to meeting the Weiss Customers around Ireland and extending to them the support already enjoyed by our loyal Votsch Customers including 24/7/365 telephone service, fast response and a large stock of spare parts.

If you have any further queries about the Votsch and Weiss consolidation in Ireland please get in touch, we are very happy to answer all you questions – Contact us.